Company Overview
Simply stated, WeConnect™ is built on our insatiable desire to win.
First to deliver or find a solution. Smarter than anyone else in connecting next-generation technology.

Our brains never stop working. We’re devising how to deliver the next generation of technology while we’re at work, and we don’t stop while we sleep. Whatever our partners can create, we can implement.

It’s always been that way.

And once we think of a solution, we can’t rest till it’s in place. It’s a drive from deep within us. We’ll do whatever it takes to advance technology to the next level—through knowledge and determination.

At WeConnect™ we make connections—implementing world-class technology for nationally recognized and innovative organizations.

Technology, and “the internet of things,” has the incredible potential to bring the world into homes and businesses in ways some never dreamed of. But technology, by itself, means nothing. We have to be able to connect to it. WeConnect™ builds ways to do just that. Through software, processes and systems. Wire, cable, fiber or a means yet to be discovered. Underground, overhead or by satellite. Across your community and across this nation. We’re wired to bring innovation wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Our technology partners and independent contractors know that WeConnect™ is as smart and nimble as the next great innovation requires.

WeConnect™ is driven by hardworking people who challenge the status quo—who are determined to find the smartest path forward. We surround ourselves with capable team members who share a common vision for our future, a clear mission for our daily work, and values that align us. That makes anything possible.

Please reach out to our careers recruiting team through email ( or phone (1-800-NEW-TECH) with any questions. Thank you!
Company Summary
WeConnect, Inc.
Number of Employees
(920) 425-2990
1085 Parkview Road
Green Bay, WI