Company Overview

At ContinuUs, we operate a public long-term care system for eligible consumers building upon community and family support to enhance quality of life and personal outcomes while maintaining stewardship of public funds.

Core Values:

We are committed to supporting members’ independence, embracing the following RESPECT guiding principles, and valuing member and community involvement in all levels of ContinuUs.

  • Relationships - Members are supported to maintain and develop friendships and family relationships.
  • Empowerment to make choices - Members have better choices about the services and supports available to meet their outcomes in the most cost effective way.
  • Services to meet individual need - Members receive prompt and easy access to services tailored to their individual circumstances and outcomes.
  • Physical and mental health - Members receive services that are intended to help members achieve their optimal level of health and functioning.
  • Enhancement of member reputation - Members shall experience services that maintain and enhance their sense of self-worth and community recognition of their value in every way possible.
  • Community participation - Members are supported to participate in communities.
  • Tools for independence - Members are supported to achieve maximum self-sufficiency and independence.

Outcome Based
ContinuUs is committed to engage in a partnership with members to facilitate the identification of their personal outcomes and support members in the achievement of their outcomes.

Quality Care
ContinuUs is committed to providing the highest quality of care which includes the development and maintenance of best practice methodologies focusing on preventive models of care.

Timely Services
ContinuUs believes in the timely provision of services which strive to maintain or improve the health and functioning of all members by eliminating the wait lists as soon as possible.

Improvement and Innovation
ContinuUs is open to opportunities for improvement and methods to implement bold innovations in systems design.

ContinuUs shall practice and project a philosophy of fairness in service provision with members, employment practices with employees, and contracting methodologies with providers.

Transparency and Integrity
ContinuUs believes in an open, public system to ensure transparency in decision making and operations to members, employees, taxpayers, local governments, providers, and board members.

Fiscal Responsibility
ContinuUs shall operate with fiscal responsibility to provide stewardship of public resources while ensuring sustainability to serve members.

ContinuUs shall provide services in the most cost-effective manner while ensuring quality.

Data Driven
ContinuUs shall utilize accurate, up-to-date, and pertinent data to guide decision making

Company Summary
Inclusa, Inc.
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